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Teamwork requires teams, while teams love leadership.

Self disciplined and strongly self motivated allows me to work harder with less.

As a team member or team leader, leadership skills starting with one's own deliverables aide and encourage teams. holistically. towards accomplishing an organisations objectives.

External confidence stems from the internal confidence in the tooling we depend on and where team leaders are already present, leading by example serves as a means of improving one's own abilities while simultaneously supporting a collective goal.


Development by code

The Java language has been the bedrock from which I've nurtured my professional career. 

As the early front-runner in multi-platform technologies, Java has been a significant change-maker in the shaping of digital (and consequently, economic) development over the past two decades.

My faith in the language has allowed me to explore into the far-reaching corners of potential using the JVM and that which it has inspired.

Spring Framework

To infinity and beyond

This open source framework first developed by Rod Johnson left an indelible impression on me.  At the time it began to surface in our workspace here in Africa, I had been developing 'in house' frameworks for all manner of challenge. From Data Access Layer and Persistence to RDBMS to Server Side Rendering of Session Based dynamic HTML.

I've spent the past 15+ years following, advocating and implementing projects using this framework and the sub-components and methodolgies it formalised.

Javascript (JS)

Separation of concerns

My first real-world exposure to Javascript was in the form of Java generated Javascript used for IAM platforms with SSO objectives.

This technology, brought to us by the genius of Brendan Eich did for the internet what Java was doing for the Server and Enterprise.

While following Javascript trends and the the frameworks it spurred, it was not long before I became enamoured by the productivity and efficiency of the JQuery (from John Resig) project;

At the time only a simple UI framework but later this "seed" would inspire the great AngularJS/Angular and even social media giant Facebook's React.js which evolved within the two big tech-giants.

Having spent the past decade or more delivering projects in this space, I have aimed to keep my skills relevant and applicable to the break-neck rollout of projects leveraging these technologies.



For the 'spec' of it 👔

Specific (recent) technology exposure also includes;

Integration with Cloud Services including Shopify, Salesforce, Okta, Oracle.

Similarly, implementation of data integration "hub" or Enterprise Service Bus components using base Java, Python, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, and Mule ESB as well as data integration service providers offering SAAS platforms such as Tableau and Metabase.

Further integrations into Social Media graph and platform-application services (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

Application Security; IAM, SSO, NoCode solutions; Node and a plethora of supporting JS frameworks and libraries.

Large dataset ETL processing;

Integration and data migration / scrubbing.

Application Auditing and Delivery Risk Assessment.

Code Review and Quality Standard Assurance Implementation and Guidance.

Agile project development and training using Jira and Atlassian platform tooling.


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