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Another day, Another commitment... Bootstrapping a Professionally Personal Blog.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

With a refreshed website and some free time on my hands, albeit largely due to the Corona's chaos and the economic slowdown spurred by it's disruptive wake, I decided to add one more web based responsibility to my bag of tricks ♻. Who was it that said, "A blog is only as worthy as it's most recent post"?

It has taken me quite an effort, in the courage department at the very least, to decide and commit to posting even this introductory first post.

Having earlier decided that it was time to begin posting more technology facing and thus, opinionated, content, while simultaneously knowing all too well that this latest "publication location" would also need to be in line with the professional goals of this website.

Regardless, it is my deepest hope that this blog will mature into something that delivers some Inspiration, Warning and ultimately some Education.

If you're one who is wishing to explore the potentials of a "career in tech", a fresh unspoiled mind, or an anxious youth entering into the job market with an excited vigour or a veteran entrepreneur constantly walking those fine lines between "now, next and enough". Perhaps even a deeply tech-minded developer facing the prospects of another 16 hour day meeting the targets and deliverables for clients... Then this blog will be for you.

Over time, the posts here will touch on a broad array of sensitivities from the less technical "Mental health in technology" to the most ardent battlefronts where developer wars are being waged.

Some topics on the planning board include:

  • Commentary on the wars and alliances between the likes of Angular and React.js.

  • I will explore the academic and technical depths of concepts and implementations across AI and Machine Learning and Data Sciences.

  • The policitcs, security and economics of Cloud Native, Server-less and NoCode.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Top Down vs. Bottom Up thinking.

  • Career minded considerations for the Brokers, Consultant, Contractor, Employees and Labour Co-operatives.

  • Explore some of the technical challenges, risks and realities in a segment I'm thinking of calling 'Security for the insecure'...

  • In my own naive and quirky way, emphasise the values of invention, innovation and self-expression.

  • Undoubtedly, some drafts already in place will cover the roles and responsibilities between stakeholders of all collaborative efforts. With particular focus on, and concern for, the uniquely valuable contributions of disabled or physically challenged members within the tech community.

While now, again, adding to the already dank and dark corners of the internet, I resolve myself to avoiding the all-too-familiar how-to articles, confidently reasoned that there are those far more qualified and adept at dissecting and re-assembling the ingredients and recipes of this or that framework, "how to install node" and the "30 minutes to build your own website".

Instead, I wish to contribute both for the benefit of those seeking relief from the pressures and burdens of 'living and earning at the coal-face of digital delivery' as well as those persistent souls who find inspiration in learning. Those with time and presence of mind who yield momentarily and absorb the perspectives, histories and ultimately the sharing of yet another opinionated blog (YAOB). For these, I surrender my concerns and serve the pages, posts and hopes that will follow.

If you have any preferred topics, you are most welcome to reach out

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